Secretary of State Hearings

If your license has been revoked, then you will have to attend a Secretary of State hearing in order to have your driving privileges reinstated.  If your license has been suspended, then there will be a termination date for the suspension, and you will most likely be able to have your full driving privileges reinstated at that time.  You will have to pay a reinstatement fee, and the Secretary of State may require you to do other things.  However, you may apply for a Restricted Driving Permit immediately after your license is suspended, and you will be required to attend and informal hearing in order to do so.  If your license has been revoked as a result of a second or subsequent DUI conviction, then you must request a formal hearing to begin the process of having your driving privileges reinstated.

A Secretary of State formal hearing is an official administrative hearing, and a record is being created.  This means that statements made by the petitioner, that documents submitted during the hearing, and that essentially everything said or done during the hearing becomes a part of the record.  Therefore, the documents, statements, and actions that occur during the formal hearing can later be used against the petitioner in a future hearing.  Because of this, it makes sense to do things right the first time.  It makes sense to have an attorney review any documents that the petitioner intends to submit during the hearing.  It makes sense to hire attorney Craig L. Boston to represent you from the beginning.

In formal hearings, the Secretary of State hearing officer is expecting the petitioner to provide particular documents.  These documents often include, but are not limited to, the DUI evaluation, proof of completion of drug and alcohol classes, proof of employment, and several other documents.  Not having the correct and necessary documents usually leads to a petitioner being denied.  Additionally, the Secretary of State will have an attorney present, and that attorney will ask questions of the petitioner.  Not being properly prepared for these questions, or giving incomplete or dishonest answers usually leads to a denial of the request to have driving privileges reinstated.  Therefore, you should have a skilled and competent attorney represent you to avoid these pitfalls.

In informal hearings, it is also important to have an attorney representing you.  This is because being denied a drivers license during the first hearing greatly increases the likelihood that you will only be approved for a Restricted Driving Permit at a subsequent hearing.  Also, there will be a hearing officer present during the informal hearing, and that hearing officer will ask you questions and write down your answers.  If you do not give the correct answers, you are going to be denied.  Do it right the first time.  Have the attorney of Craig L. Boston represent you from the very beginning.

Our office handles both formal and informal Secretary of State hearings.  Again, people are not required to have an attorney represent them at the Secretary of State hearing.  But you want to win!  You want to get your license back!  You want to get back on the road!  Your chances of success are increased exponentially when our office represents you.  Many people contact the Law Office of Craig L. Boston after being denied by the Secretary of State hearing officer.  In fact, many people call attorney Craig L. Boston after having been denied multiple times.  Do not waste your time and energy going into a hearing alone!  Call attorney Craig L. Boston so that it can be handled the right way the first time.

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